What is i-safe?

i-safe® is a logon system utilising bespoke or customer provided
security cards or biometrics, permitting authorised users access to
cranes or equipment at the associated logon points.

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Intuitive Software Control

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i-safe is driven by an intutive software package enabling managers to safely control both users and equipment activity.

Conventional Crane Controls

Conventional crane controls allow anyone on site to use the crane controller, whether it be on pendant or radio remote control which could lead to:

  • Damage to the crane
  • Damage to the load being lifted
  • Personal injury or injury to others
  • Damage to equipment in the working area
  • Damage to remote control transmitter or pendant


Cranes controlled by i-safe

i-safe® permits only recognised personnel to operate the crane providing valuable peace of mind to managers and operators alike.

Benefits of allowing trained personnel to operate  with i-safe:

  • Will help reduce accidents
  • Will reduce damage to cranes and nearby equipment
  • Can automate authorised personnel login with total peace of mind
  • Will help prolong the life of the transmitter and other equipment
  • Can be used to enhance risk assessments
  • Will help provide traceability for accidents or abuse